Options for Replacing Teeth

Smile with Confidence and Comfort

Your dental implant journey to a healthy and beautiful smile

Having a missing tooth is uncomfortable. People with missing teeth often have discomfort when smiling, chewing, and even speaking. Missing a tooth can even cause slow shifting of your teeth into some of the empty spaces. Dental implants are one of the most effective and permanent solutions for replacing teeth because they are the closest thing to a natural tooth. The dental implant crown is made to resemble the shape, color, and size of your natural teeth.

* * * Before moving forward with the dental implant, Dr. Wilson might recommend other necessary dental treatment to ensure your entire mouth is healthy and ready for a dental implant. * * *

1. Dental Implant Assessment

During the assessment, Dr. Wilson will evaluate your mouth to see if you’re a good candidate for a dental implant. You need a certain level of healthy bone structure to place a dental implant. If you don’t have enough bone structure, Dr. Wilson will recommend bone grafting to improve the jawbone at the procedure site.

2. Placing the Dental Implant

(2-3 weeks after treatment approval)
While placing the dental implant, Dr. Wilson will make small incisions in your gums that will allow the placement of the implant. After the implant is added to your jawbone, the jawbone will begin to grow around the implant. The implant then becomes part of your natural gum line.

3. Follow Up Visit One

(2-3 weeks after placing the dental implant)
During this quick appointment, Dr. Wilson will evaluate the surgery site to ensure proper healing, as well as remove sutures and clean the area if necessary.

4. Waiting and Healing

Before the final restoration can be placed, your mouth needs time to heal. This recovery period depends on how well the patient heals, but it can take three to six months. During this process, the jawbone integrates with the surface of the dental implant. The implant will serve as your new tooth root for the crown.

5. Follow Up Visit Two

(3-6 months after placing the dental implant)
During the second follow up visit, Dr. Wilson evaluates the surgery site to ensure proper healing. If everything has healed properly, Dr. Wilson provide approval for completion of treatment and take impressions for your final restoration.

6. Place Abutment and Crown

(2-3 weeks after the follow up visit)
This is the final dental appointment for the dental implant surgery. During this visit, Dr. Wilson will attach the abutment to the dental implant and place the permanent crown. Once completed, you will leave the clinic with a brand-new smile.

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