The Team

Working to help patient understands the treatment they need and how to best utilize their insurance and financial resources, Darlene serves our patients as their Treatment Coordinator. By thoroughly researching insurance coverage before each visit, she helps patients fully understand how to fully maximize their benefits. Darlene understands that dental health not only impacts a persons’ physical health, but their emotional and mental health as well. For this reason, she does everything possible to ensure nothing stands in the way of patients getting the treatment they need. With the ability to speak Spanish and English, Darlene refuses to let language barriers stand in the way of patients accomplishing their goals.

When she isn’t helping patients accomplish their dental goals, Darlene can be found doing a variety of outdoor activities, such as kayaking, hiking, and camping, or rescuing stray animals.

La Doctora Whitney Wilson ha vivido en el área del sur de Nashville desde 2013. Se graduó Cum Laude en el Georgetown College y obtuvo su Doctorado en Medicina Dental de la Facultad de Odontología de la Universidad de Louisville.

Sierra has lived in the Nashville area since 2016. With extensive education and background experience in dental assisting and dental hygiene, Sierra brings a comprehensive approach to the dental care she provides every patient.

Angelica has lived in Nashville her entire life. After receiving her Registered Dental Assistant license from South College Nashville, Angelica joined Cornerstone as an outstanding bilingual dental assistant with a passion for delivering dental health.

Penny Lay ha vivido en el área de Nashville desde 2016. Se graduó de la Universidad Nacional de Ciencias de la Salud con una licenciatura en Ciencias Biomédicas y una especialización en Nutrición. Penny luego obtuvo su título de Asociada de Ciencias Aplicadas en Higiene Dental en el Prairie State College.

Kathy Orellana ha vivido en la comunidad de Nashville por muchos años. Después de asistir a la Escuela Secundaria John Overton y a la Escuela Secundaria Antioch, Kathy recibió capacitación en asistencia dental en la Universidad de Lipscomb. Como Asistente Dental Registrada con más de 10 años de experiencia, Kathy ayuda al Dr. Wilson con varios tratamientos y procedimientos dentales, así como también trabaja muy de cerca con nuestros pacientes de ortodoncia.

With a love and passion for serving the ever-growing diverse population of South Nashville, Barrett makes it his goal to ensure every aspect of a patient’s journey is clear, efficient, and honest. As the Practice Manager, Barrett helps the clinic and the team to provide the highest level of care in the most affordable manner possible. He understands that most people worry about finding a dentist they can trust. Therefore, it is important to him that patients always feel confident and comfortable in every interaction with the clinic.

Away from the clinic, Barrett enjoys spending time with his wife and three children as well as cycling, woodworking, and watching movies.