5 Things to NOT Do While Wearing Braces

5 Things to NOT Do While Wearing Braces

For the most part, once you get used to the feeling of braces and your teeth and gums are no longer sore, you probably won’t even notice them. However, just because you don’t notice they are there, don’t forget to treat your braces with a little special care. Here are five things to remember NOT to do while wearing braces.


1. Eat certain foods.

Once you adjust to your braces and your mouth isn’t sore anymore, you can go back to eating like normal. However, there are a few foods you should avoid. While wearing braces, it is best to stay away from most sticky foods like bubble gum and chewy candy because they can damage the wires and brackets. It’s also a good idea to cut your apples into slices and eat your corn OFF the cob to avoid damaging your braces.

2. Forget to floss.

Flossing is frequently neglected even without braces, but sometimes while wearing braces flossing can seem even more daunting. To floss with braces, you may find it easier to use a threader which easily slides behind the wires of your braces, enabling you to gently move the floss between your teeth. And remember, the more you practice flossing with braces, the easier and faster it will be.

3. Frequently consume sugary and/or carbonated drinks.

While never a good habit to get in to, frequently drinking sugary and/or carbonated beverages with braces can be particularly harmful. Not only can the sugar and carbonation from these drinks cause damage to the glue that holds the brackets onto your teeth, but they can also increase your risk for having permanent stains on your teeth once your braces are taken off.

4. Forget a mouth guard when playing sports.

It’s never a bad idea to wear a protective mouth guard when playing sports, but it is especially important when you have braces. Not only could a shot to the mouth damage your braces, but you are at a higher risk for a serious mouth injury with the extra metal on your teeth. A simple way to protect your teeth and your dental appliances is to buy an over-the-counter mouth guard specifically made for braces, which provides a little more space than regular mouth guards but still gives you the same level of protection.

5. Hesitate to call Dr. Wilson if you have any issues.

If you think you may have knocked something loose or something begins bothering you with your braces, do not hesitate to call us and make an appointment. It’s best to not wait until your next appointment because it could prolong your treatment plan.