June is Oral Health Month!

June is Oral Health Month!

In addition to being the start of summer, did you know that June is Oral Health Month?  Started by the American Dental Association, Oral Health Month is an opportunity to bring awareness to the importance of taking care of our teeth and gums.  In addition to staying cool by the pool and taking summer vacations, this month we want to give you our top three ways you can celebrate Oral Health Month.

  1. Consider treating yourself to a new and improved toothbrush.

If you’re looking to splurge a little for the sake of your oral hygiene, consider trading in your manual toothbrush for an electric toothbrush.  Because of its highly effective ability to clean those hard-to-reach areas in the mouth, some research has found that people who use electric toothbrushes have cleaner and healthier teeth than those who use a manual toothbrush.  We highly recommend the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush.  While more costly than a manual toothbrush, the smooth vibration of this electric toothbrush easily and effectively cleans around your teeth and makes you feel like you’ve been to the dentist every time you use it.  In addition, the Sonicare toothbrush comes with an app for your phone that will help you monitor, improve, and maximize the way you brush your teeth.

  1. Celebrate with your kids.

What better time to reinforce healthy oral hygiene habits with your kids than Oral Health Month?  Getting kids into the habit of brushing their teeth for two minutes twice a day and flossing once a day while they are still young will set them up for a lifetime of success.  To help get kids motivated, consider letting them go to the store and pick out their own toothbrush and toothpaste.  They even make kid-friendly flossers that can be much easier for kids to use than regular dental floss.  The American Dental Association created this fun 2023 Brushing Calendar that your kids can color and keep track of their daily brushing and flossing routine. Finally, be sure to encourage kids to eat plenty of teeth-friendly foods like apples and carrots and to avoid sugary, cavity-creating sodas and candies.

  1. Make sure you’re happy with your smile.

If issues such as stained or crooked teeth keep you from feeling confident with your smile, why not celebrate Oral Health Month by talking to your dentist about your options?  If you visit us at Cornerstone Family Dentistry for a dental whitening treatment, we use a whitening system called Ultradent. This treatment is quick, easy, and highly effective in reducing stains and brightening teeth.  We also offer several different kinds of orthodontic braces that can help straighten out teeth.  In addition to feeling more confident in your smile, there are other benefits to straightening out crooked teeth, including making it much easier to clean and preventing a misaligned jaw.

Oral Health Month is actually called “National Smile Month” in the United Kingdom, and there’s a reason for that.  Having good oral health will make you feel good about your mouth and make you want to smile more.  We would love to help you get that happy and healthy smile you’re looking for and give you a reason to celebrate Oral Health Month.  Schedule an appointment with us at Cornerstone Family Dentistry today!