Do You Need an Electric Toothbrush?

Do You Need an Electric Toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes are everywhere. There are countless commercials and advertisements about the powered toothbrushes and their benefits. Do you really need an electric toothbrush?

The concept of a “toothbrush” used to be solely associated with the manual toothbrush. While there have been many new models and updates over the years, the original blueprint for a toothbrush never changed until relatively recently. However, in the 1990s, electric toothbrushes became a new craze. Today, we see electric toothbrushes overtaking shelves and commercials on television, but are these new brushes better than the traditional toothbrush?

Manual or Powered Toothbrush?

In short, the type of brush doesn’t make much of a difference. The American Dental Association released a statement that essentially said your teeth don’t care whether your toothbrush is manual or electric. The most important thing is to <properly brush your teeth> *link to teeth brushing blog*— with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day for two minutes. The key to effectively cleaning your teeth, removing plaque, and preventing tooth decay is the way you brush your teeth—with a manual or electric toothbrush. If you are a wonderful brusher and flosser, your choice of toothbrush comes down to purely preference.

Are There Benefits to Powered Brushes?

Studies have shown there are some benefits to powered toothbrushes not directly related to effectiveness. One of the biggest benefits is the intrigue of a powered brush—especially among children. Many pediatric dental hygienists say that their patients think the electric toothbrushes are fun. Anything that encourages kids to develop healthy brushing habits is wonderful since it is often a struggle to get children to brush their teeth. Many electric toothbrushes also boast a 2-minute timer to ensure proper brushing. Moreover, powered brushes can be great for people who physically struggle to brush their teeth.

In the end, if you can properly brush your teeth, it really doesn’t matter which type of toothbrush you use. Some people prefer powered brushes and others enjoy the tradition of a manual brush. The important thing is simply that you brush!